Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter !

Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy easter weekend :) Let's hope the good weather continues.  Kris and I are hoping to try out homemade alcoholic ginger beer this weekend, so weather permitting we look forward to enjoying a glass or two in the sun!

A x

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


If you know me, you'll already know about swishing.  Swishing is clothes swapping essentially. I organise events in Cornwall for women to come along with a bag of unwanted, but good condition clothing and you swap for as many items as you bring in.

I have recently been a guest blogger on which is a great resource for checking out swishing in your area.  Take a look at my article at:

There will many more posts on swishing as time goes on, and no doubt pictures of my favourite finds!

I love swishing because it allows people to get the thrill of retail therapy without having a detrimental impact on your wallet or the planet.  Come along to one, and you'll see what I mean :)

A xx

Monday, 18 April 2011



This is my first post on my very own new shiny blog :)

Thanks for stopping by. Over the coming months I will be blogging about all things thrifty.  And by Thrifty I mean anything that is quality and environmentally friendly, whether its a find at an auction, a carboot sale, flea market or anywhere really.

We all should be searching to achieve maximum style with minimal environmental impact.  So if your ideal home looks like something out of the pages of the argos catalogue, best not read on - but, if on the other hand you want your home to be homely and a reflection of your personality without costing the earth, this is the right place for you.

Please comment and add your suggestions too.

This should be fun,

Love A x